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South Carolina

Much of South Carolina is lightly visited, and you're not going to suffer the crowds that you might get in places like Florida or California.

Lots of South Carolina's architecture is known as 'antebellum', which means pre-war, meaning that it was built between American Independence and the start of the Civil War, and it's characterised by very grand-looking buildings and mansions that were plantation houses at one time. Several towns, including Charleston, and Georgetown, are antebellum towns; in fact, if Charleston proves too busy for you, Georgetown is much quieter, but offers similar excellent hospitality and food.

If you want a family holiday - or even a romantic getaway for two - in South Carolina, the greatest way you can travel through this particular state is by car, so a hire car would be very helpful. Between Myrtle Beach International Airport and Hilton Head Island Airport are myriad beaches and beautiful seaside towns, and you'll find a wide range of accommodation to choose from, although Charleston and Hilton Head are more upmarket, while places like Spartanburg and Columbia may be a bit more accommodating to your wallet.

One of the nicest towns around is Charleston, which isn't just an old port town with lots of history and culture; it's also got some truly amazing foodie hotspots, with plenty of additional Southern hospitality to boot. If you like comfort food, you may never want to leave, and if you're a history buff, well ... that may just be all the holiday you can handle! The US civil war was started just outside of Charleston, at Port Sumter, which is now an historical military park, and it's well worth a look, even if you don't know much about US history.


South Carolina car hire

Travelling by car gives you a freedom you can't get any other way, and South Carolina has far more than 'just' beaches to show you a good time. If you head for the Blue Ridge Mountains, you'll pass through a great deal of horse country, with lots of state parks just perfect for picnics and hiking and cute little towns that date back to the 1700s. You can even take your kids horseback riding, if they're fairly brave, and see all that scenery up close and personal.

Whether you find yourself wandering the beaches, riding horses through glorious upcountry, or poking round antique shops in little old Pendleton, you're going to find a more unusual holiday in South Carolina.

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Why choose Alamo Rent A Car

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