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Saskatchewan, Canada

You've probably heard that Canada is famed for its "living skies". Well actually, the term originated in Saskatchewan, known throughout Canada as "the Land of the Living Skies". There's a misconception about this place: people tend to assume its landscape is monotonously flat. But locals will tell you yes, there are prairies, but there are also amazing rivers, ponds and lakes, majestic sand dunes, lush forests and undulating hills and coulees.

This is why you should arrange a hire car to see as much of what this delightful province has to offer as you can. The one million inhabitants are dispersed in small communities with enormous swathes of land and water between them. But they're exceptionally welcoming and friendly to visitors and they're proud of their province's natural beauty.

One particularly lovely spot for which you might want to use your hire car is Wascana Lake, right in the centre of Saskatchewan's capital city, Regina (the home of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the infamous Mounties, since 1885). Surrounded by a gorgeous 2,300-acre park, it offers mile after mile of delightful lakeside walking (its name derives from the Cree word for "pile of bones" - a reference to the piles of bison bones seen dotted about the area in bygone eras).

Don't miss out on the Meewasin Valley, a wide natural swathe carved by the mighty South Saskatchewan River with its flanks of beautiful, mature trees. Beautiful is the operative word; it's what the Cree term "Meewasin" means. The 60km Meewasin Trail, with its multiple picnic areas, leaves the riverbank at points to meander through lush forests before returning to the waterside.

And while you're in that neck of the woods, put your car to good use and drop in on the charming city of Saskatoon, known to the locals as "the Paris of the Prairies". The magnificent South Saskatchewan River bends sedately through the downtown area, conjuring images of the Parisian Seine. Not only are there lovely river walks and lush, leafy parks galore, but the farm-to-table cuisine you'll also find in many of the restaurants is absolutely not to be missed.

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Why Choose Alamo Rent A Car

Why choose Alamo Rent A Car

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